About Charlestown Pads

Charlestown Pads is considered the premier online real estate technology platform providing cutting edge and state of the art tools to make the buying, selling, or renting experience the best possible. We have the latest software technology that can help anyone involved in Charlestown real estate. 

Our website has some of the most advanced tools such as our apartment finder tool, which allows you to browse through countless listings with ease based on your preferences. Whether you are looking for a one, two, three, four, or five bedroom apartment, a house, or a condo, Charlestown Pads has it all! There's also a mortgage calculator and a free comparative analysis we provide to assist with your research when looking for a new home in Charlestown. 

The neighborhood of Charlestown offers many historic sites to visit and also has a housing development that sits right on the Charles River, overlooking the Boston skyline. Listings on Charlestown Pads are constantly being monitored and updated to give users a real time experience when buying, selling, or renting property. We even have the resources to connect you with contractors for remodeling your home or real estate agents if you need help! 

Charlestown Pads is a leading real estate technology platform that has helped thousands of people like you buy, sell, or rent the home of their dreams. Our network of real estate agents are ready to take you on the most exciting search for your next home today!